One of the prime concern of the college is to ensure that every student is happy and cheerful individual. No stone has been left unturned in providing students the very best of facilities so that they can pursue their studies in a happy and cheerful atmosphere.
The faculty members are highly qualified and they are committed to provide high quality education. Guest lectures and seminars are held regularly by inviting eminent scholars, resourceful dignitaries, teachers who are well versed in different fields. Inviting highly qualified persons of high eminence, enlighten the students on industry experiences as well as develop and maintain a good industry knowledge in them.
Institute relationship is also one of the features of the curriculum activities, which will create job opportunities for the brilliant students.


The board of studies oversees the implementation of the courses and specifically monitors attendance of the students, their level of participation in the class and faculty performance.


Specific problems of the students are identified through monthly student feedback and remedial action is taken by the faculty.